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I’m Tanvir Hasan, a design ninja with a knack for crafting unforgettable brand identities and mesmerizing UI/UX experiences. I wield the powers of WordPress and Webflow like a wizard, conjuring pixel-perfect creations that leave audiences in awe.



Brand Identity Logo Design Social Media Design UI/UX Design WordPress Webflow HTML, CSS, JavaScript Laravel, PHP Mobile App Website Design
Brand Identity Logo Design Social Media Design UI/UX Design WordPress Webflow HTML, CSS, JavaScript Laravel, PHP Mobile App Website Design


My Services

Embrace a world of possibilities with my three distinctive services. Explore the succinct descriptions below and select the perfect solution to elevate your project.

Logo Brand Design

Brand Design

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Fiverr Gigs4 min

UX/UI Design

Mobile App, Website & Dashboard

Development Service - HiTanvir


Elementor, Shopify, Wix, Webflow


Experience the proof of my unwavering commitment to quality. Explore the showcased designs below to witness the transformative impact I can deliver to your business.

Medical Doctor Website

Medical Hospital Website

A medical website design is a crucial tool for healthcare professionals and organizations to establish their online presence.

EcoShop - Hitanvir

Ecommerce Mobile App

Ecoshop is a Trusted Online Shopping App in Bangladesh. People can here shop Millions of Products with Best Shopping Deals.

Digital Agency Website - HiTanvir

Digital Agency Website

Introducing cutting-edge Digital Agency Website UI design, crafted to inspire and captivate with a sleek and modern interface design.

Real Estate Agent Website - HiTanvir

Real Estate Agent Website

A portfolio website designed exclusively for realtors & to discover the perfect property and connect with the realtor effortlessly.

Egypt Govte

Egypt Govt Website

The Egypt government website project, accomplished through Upwork, stands as a remarkable milestone in my career.

Klydio Website Design - HiTanvir

Klydio Website Design

Klydio is on a mission to connect people with the brands they love and bring the product ownership experience to life.

Altasian Website Design - HiTanvir

Altasian Website Design

Altisian is an acted product vision partners - supporting industrial, financial and digital economy companies to engineer their future.

Logofolio - 2023 HiTanvir

Logofolio 2023

Logofolio 2023 showcases my latest logo bundle, featuring a collection of my most favorite and meticulously crafted designs.

Client Reviews

Discover the heartfelt testimonials below, showcasing the satisfaction expressed by my esteemed clients upon the culmination of our collaborative projects.

project pricing

Discover the Project Pricing

Discover the
Project Pricing

By reviewing the available pricing options, you can quickly assess which package aligns with your requirements and budget. Thank you so much.


Work Process

Crafting exceptional designs requires a well-defined process. Prior to diving into any project, I meticulously follow a strategic methodology to ensure remarkable outcomes.

Problem Finding - HiTanvir

Google Meet

I connect with clients on Google Meet and embark on a cool journey of understanding client needs and unraveling the essence of the client company. With this insight, I create a customized roadmap that brings the client’s vision to life through captivating design and development.

Research - HiTanvir

Design & Coding

Once I grasp the essence of the client’s dream vision, I embark on an in-depth research expedition, uncovering insights that fuel the creative process. Then I meticulously craft a wireframe, that sets the stage for an exceptional design and development journey.

Solution - HiTanvir


By immersing myself in the client’s vision, and catching their goals and target audience, I create innovative solutions that captivate and engage. Through careful planning, attention to detail, and a collaborative mindset, I bring these solutions to life that ensures the client’s problem solution.

My Experience

These valuable experiences have fueled my continuous growth, enabling me to deliver exceptional results to clients and tackle complex challenges with confidence.

Digital Gregg

Running Job 🔥

UX.UI Designer

We offer solutions for companies, institutions, products, and brands that meet high visual and technical demands, from concept to production.

Brand & UX/UI Figma Designer

Job Completed ⚡️

UX.UI Designer

We bring our clients real-world experi-ence in product branding, storefront and product listing management, logistics, and marketing.

Brand & UX/UI Figma Designer

Job Completed ⚡️

UX.UI Designer

We create your digital products that enhance the user experience and your business growth. Share your concept with us and we’ll deliver your impactful digital products.

Brand & UX/UI Figma Designer

Job Completed ⚡️

UX.UI Designer

WebsiteBox provides a do-it-all website platform to real estate professionals who want to take their brand online and do so easily and quickly.

Brand & UX/UI Figma Designer

Job Completed ⚡️

UX.UI Designer

Zovoteam is a rising, digital agency that excels in providing services needed for digital marketing and advertising any new entrepreneur's business.


I harness the industry’s leading tools to drive success in my client projects. Below, you’ll discover the esteemed company logos, emblematic of my fruitful collaborations and successful endeavors.

Group 44396


Rectangle 1626


Rectangle 1637


Rectangle 1627

Adobe XD

Rectangle 1630


Rectangle 1628


Rectangle 1634


Group 44396
Rectangle 1626
Rectangle 1637
Rectangle 1627
Rectangle 1630
Group 44394
Rectangle 1628
Rectangle 1634
Rectangle 1638
Rectangle 1635
Rectangle 1629
Rectangle 1631
Rectangle 1633
Rectangle 1632
Group 44394


Rectangle 1638


Rectangle 1635


Rectangle 1633


Rectangle 1632


Rectangle 1629


Rectangle 1631


Quick Query

Before starting work, it’s better to know the answers to some questions so as not to get confused later. Please ask me if you have any other questions.

Why you different from other Freelancer?

As a designer freelancer, I bring a unique blend of creative prowess and design skills that set me apart from the crowd. While others may stick to conventional design approaches, I fearlessly dive into the uncharted territories of innovation, pushing boundaries and defying gravity (metaphorically, of course).

I possess a knack for injecting an extra pinch of awesomeness into every project I undertake. My design superpowers allow me to transform mundane visuals into captivating works of art that will leave your audience in awe. I have a secret stash of pixel dust that I sprinkle on every design, ensuring it exudes a magical charm that captivates hearts and minds.

But wait, there’s more! With me, you don’t just get a designer; you get a partner in crime, a creative confidant, and a relentless problem solver. I’m a one-person dream team that brings boundless enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to every project. You can count on me to be your design ally, delivering high-quality work with a side dish of humor and a sprinkle of quirkiness.

So, if you’re ready to embark on an extraordinary design journey that will make your competition weep with envy and your audience fall head over heels in love, then I’m the designer freelancer you’ve been searching for. Together, we’ll create design masterpieces that will rock the world and make unicorns jealous. Let’s make some design magic happen!

Which Software or Tools do you use for project?

– Figma / Adobe XD software for UX/UI design
– Adobe Illustrator software for Brand Identity design
– WordPress (Elementor), Webflow, Coding for Development Service.

Do you also provide a Responsive Design (Mobile)?

Yeah, But It’s extra chargeable (30$ for 1 page – Minimum 5 Section)

What do you need exactly to start the project?

Branding : Logo name, Tagline, Color code, Font name, Similar website example, About company, Competitors list etc.

UX/UI Design : Clear Brief, Logo (optional), Guidelines (optional), Colors & Font name, Wireframe (optional), About company, Competitors list (website link), Similar design example etc.

WordPress :
Login access, cPanel access, Competitors list (website link), Others elements (Logo, Font name, Graphics (optional)

Developing or Coding :
Please contact me…

Do you provide Development Services also?

Yes we also do development work through WordPress, Elementor Pro, Webflow, Wix, Shopify, Laravel, HTML, Javascript, PHP, etc. (Many More)

Which language you use for development?

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Laravel etc.

Will you provide Domain and Hosting for WordPress project?

Regrettably, I do not offer domain and hosting services. It is necessary for you to procure your own domain and hosting prior to the commencement of the project. Once you have obtained these, kindly provide me with the necessary details to proceed with the development.

How much do you charge for your freelance services?

My rates depend on the specific project requirements and scope. Please share the details of your project, and I will provide you with a personalized quote.

How do you handle confidentiality and intellectual property rights?

I take confidentiality and intellectual property rights seriously. Upon request, I am open to signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your sensitive information. Additionally, upon project completion, the intellectual property rights for the finalized deliverables will be transferred to you.

Do you offer Money Back guarantee?

Absolutely! We offer a rare and extraordinary service known as the ‘Money-Back Magic.‘ If, by some unfathomable twist of fate, our design fails to meet your expectations, we’ll perform a secret incantation and promptly return your hard-earned money. However, be warned that this mystical ritual is rarely invoked, as our clients often find themselves bewitched by the sheer brilliance of our work. So rest assured, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’ll go to magical lengths to ensure you’re delighted with the results.”

Why is UI/UX design pivotal for unlocking your business's growth potential?

In today’s competitive landscape, establishing a strong presence and fostering a deep connection with end users is paramount for every business.User Experience (UX) design serves as the gateway to your business, shaping the visual identity that users perceive, interact with, and ultimately form impressions of your digital products such as websites, apps, or software. The ability of these products to forge meaningful connections with users directly correlates with the growth trajectory of your business.

At an esteemed global UI/UX design company, I recognize that an exceptional user interface (UI) design, replete with captivating aesthetics, harmonious color palettes, meticulous patterns, and seamless alignments, holds the power to captivate users, extends their engagement, and foster repeat interactions. I understand that an intuitive web experience can transcend traditional boundaries, driving conversions and propelling businesses forward at an accelerated pace. Furthermore, an app boasting a user-friendly interface not only amplifies user acquisition but also attracts new users effortlessly. These remarkable qualities instill a sense of enthusiasm among users, motivating them to wholeheartedly endorse the product, thereby expanding its reach and exposure. My commitment lies in crafting a user experience that not only delights users but also serves as a catalyst for business growth, establishing a profound rapport between your brand and its loyal user base. With an unwavering focus on user-centric design principles, I ensure that my UI/UX solutions deliver tangible results, bolstering your business’s trajectory and facilitating its ascent to unprecedented heights.

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